Lee Bennett,
UK Full Contact Champion
Distributor, for Welz Chi Generators®

RAOPTC -- Power Transfer Couple


with this accessory there is no need to take your AO 2000, CE 69 or any other water optimizer with you anywhere.

Put water onto the larger coaster part and you will have living water within minutes - anywhere on the planet! Of course you can also use it for food, drinks, supplements or cosmetics.

Recieve chi energy and vitalise your water
quickly and securely wherever you are.

Size: Transfer Disk ca. 1.7" diameter

Transfer-"coaster": ca. 3.25" diameter

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The RAOPTC is specially designed for you to be capable of easily making living water, to enliven food and to supercharge supplements, even if you are thousands of miles away from your generator of life force!

To use this accessory, simply slide the small transfer disk over the output pipe on any Chi Generator® (or place it on top of your Chi Generator® if it supports it) and carry the large "coaster" transfer disk with you.

The transfer disk that you carry with you is large enough (ca. 3.25" or 8 cm diameter) to put food or drinks onto it.

A larger transfer plate means more energy for faster charging!

Naturally, this same large transfer disk provides you personally with powerful life force from your AO-capable Orgone-Generator too.

In fact, the RAOPTC is your virtual pocket-optimizer for food and drinks, and it provides you as well with powerful Chi energy whenever you carry it with you while your Orgone Generator® Device with the RAOPTC transfer unit is running in your home.

-2400 RADHD