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ATGS 3000


By far the most advanced, versatile and powerful work station for trend management: 12 Orgone Generators® in ring shape representing the twelve astrological houses (mundane houses) - As you may know, each one of the the twelve mundane houses represents a specific area of life experiences, for instance the tenth house represents profession and career, the fifth house represents children, creative pursuits, love affairs and sports, the seventh house tells us about partnerships and marriage, the sixth about services given and received (such as work) and health issues, etc. This device can also make living water.

Includes a FREE TC 99 Transfer Couple

Includes a FREE Manifestation Program for the PC

Includes a FREE Astro Dynamic Filter Card Pack
(with House Disk)

Free AC-DC converter (9V DC - USA only).

The Power Radionics or Manifestation Devices

The purpose of a Radionics Device or Manifestation Program is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy. Therefore, all radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator®) to provide the power necessary for effective action at a distance! The RAD 5 and ATGS 3000 are donut-shaped Chi Generators®. Their output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are also acting as structural links, or "radionics rates" according to experts in that method. You can also define them as numeric representations of abstractions, which define specific trend energies or targets, or both.

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The ATGS 3000 and its ultimate flexibility

Each of the twelve generators can be switched on and off individually. With this amazing device, you can treat 12 fields of life experience simultaneously or you can use it for 12 different actions at the same time. It works well with the ADM cards and with the Manifestation Program (all included free).

The ATGS 3000 is excellent as a device that can provide you with living water, like the AO 2000, and it can do this in large quantities rapidly! And, as you can do with the devices of the AO-series, you can use the ATGS 3000 as well to charge food (to the left). With an AOPTC (Aqua Optimizer Power Transfer Couple) you can direct this energy any place: You can run your ATGS 3000 in your home while on a trip. All you need is the transfer, onto which you put your juices, water and food, to enliven them and to charge them with life energies (Transfer Couple also included free). In fact, you can project additional energy into food and drink by putting that energy's symbol (or other representation) next to the food that you eat or the drink that you enjoy!

Astrological Trend Energies

For persons who do not know very much about astrology: Astrological trend energies are the result of an interaction between the individual astrological constellation at birth (the chart representing the planets at the time of birth, or the horoscope of a person) and the planetary positions in the Solar system at any given time. These positions, as seen from the Earth, take the aspect of a multiple trend-link of cosmic proportions. The individual modulation effect depends largely on the individual structure of the receiving organism, or target (the person for whom the astrological horoscope is interpreted. Astrology describes trends of the past, present, and future, by way of interrelating these structures of the planetary system. Over the millennia, several sets of rules evolved that were eventually condensed into a relatively simple syntax.

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Also, for more insight on the use of structural links and life force,
you can read the course "Magic of the Future" by Karl Hans Welz. (found here)

The TC 99 Transfer Couple (Included for FREE):
For smooth transfer of life energy. Both parts are made of super Orgonite®. ou can put one transfer in the center of the ATGS 3000 and carry the other one with you for secure energy transfer at any distance. You can put the transfer, which you carry with you, onto a key ring.

Manifestation Program
(Included for FREE)

Astro Dynamic filter card pack (with house disk)
(Included for FREE)

Recommended for the RAD 2400:

RAOPTC power transfer couple:
With this accessory, you can add dynamics to the power of the ATGS 3000. Keep the small disk on the device and use the larger disk to charge water, food, drinks and supplements anywhere, or simply carry it on yourself to give a continuous boost to your energy levels. Both parts are made of super Orgonite®.

PBT 2400 power booster with transfer couple:
With this accessory, you can add dynamics to the power of the ATGS 3000. Put the booster part in the center of the ATGS 3000 and carry the small disk on you. Ideally, attach it to your key chain. This will provide you with a continuous boost to your energy levels. Both parts are made of super Orgonite®.

PBTBH 2400 Potency Booster:
Made of a very special Super-Orgonite® composite material that has been specifically formulated for the purpose of sexual energy enhancement. This device carries an unconditional one-month money back guarantee. The PBTBH 2400 can provide you with massive life energy that is enhanced with specific sexual-performance boosting energies! You can place the Booster in the center of the ATGS 3000 and carry the transfer disk on you. With this simple transfer arrangement, you can carry the energy of your Chi Generator® with you and you can enjoy its exciting effects any place in the universe! The large transfer allows you to charge water, food and supplements with this sex enhancing energy.

Super Manifestation Program

Astro-Dynamic Manifestation Program

Feng-Shui Plus Manifestation Program

Any one of the many filter card packs

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