Lee Bennett,
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Distributor, for Welz Chi Generators®

RAD 2400HD


Built-in heavy duty Chi Generator® (same as in the LPOG 2400 HD).

Features include: A stick pad of Orgonite®, Three dials to set the rate for the target, three dials to set the rate for the trend, or desired action. two dials to set the pulse of the built-in LPOM module (Low Pulse Orgone Module). Can make living water.

Includes a FREE TC 99 Transfer Couple

Size: ca. 12.5 x 10.25 x 3.25 in.

Free AC-DC converter (9V DC - USA only).

The Power Radionics or Manifestation Devices

The purpose of a Radionics Device or Manifestation Program is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy. Therefore, all radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator®) to provide the power necessary for effective action at a distance! The ATGS 3000 and RAD 5 are donut-shaped Chi Generators®. Their output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are also acting as structural links, or "radionics rates" according to experts in that method. You can also define them as numeric representations of abstractions, which define specific trend energies or targets, or both.

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The addition of pulsed life energy (orgone, Chi) to radionics makes it a reliable and effective tool to help in your achieving success.

The back panel has input and output jacks for exterior stick pads and exterior wells, These jacks can also serve to connect several Orgon Radionics devices to each other for more power and versatility.

The built in Low Pulse Module has 6 low pulse frequencies, plus the option of continuous settings.

To find out more about Low Frequencies, Mind Machines and Chi Generators®, please click here

The other two jacks: the power jack to the right of the switch, and the "input EPU" jack for an exterior pulse, for instance coming from the EPM - Exterior Precision Module which more than doubles the output

A built-in Voltage Regulator eliminates the "ripple" from the AC-DC converter and keeps the voltage at a steady 8V DC. Elimination of the "ripple" is ideal when it comes to energizing your body! Power supply: AC-DC converter, 12V, 200mA or higher.

A combination of radionics and orgone physics guarantees powerful operations for assured success. It is Power Radionics!

Uses: The radionics device is "the universal structural link". Rather than using a symbol (such as a card of any one of the filter "packs") to determine a trend energy that is designed to a desired effect, the 3-dial radionics device utilizes settings (rates) of the envisioned energies. For more insight on the use of structural links and life force, you can read the course "Magic of the Future" by Karl Hans Welz. (found here)

The TC 99 Transfer Couple (Included for FREE):
For smooth transfer of life energy. Both parts are made of super Orgonite®. You can slide one part of your TC 99 over the output pipe of your RAD 2400 HD and carry the other one with you for secure energy transfer at any distance. You can put the transfer, which you carry with you, onto a key ring.

Recommended for the RAD 2400:

RAOPTC power transfer couple:
With this accessory, you can boost the power of the RAD 2400HD. You can slide one part of your RAOPTC over the output pipe of your RAD 2400HD and use the larger disk to charge water, food, drinks and supplements anywhere, or simply carry it on yourself to give a continuous boost to your energy levels. Both parts are made of super Orgonite®.

PBT 2400 power booster with transfer couple:
With this accessory, you can add to the power of the RAD 2400HD Chi Generator® (about three times its power). You can slide one part of your PBT 2400 over the output pipe of your RAD 2400HD and carry the small disk on you. Ideally, attach it to your key chain. This will provide you with a continuous boost to your energy levels. Both parts are made of super Orgonite®.

PBTBH 2400 Potency Booster:
Made of a very special Super-Orgonite® composite material that has been specifically formulated for the purpose of sexual energy enhancement. This device carries an unconditional one-month money back guarantee. The PBTBH 2400 can provide you with massive life energy that is enhanced with specific sexual-performance boosting energies! You can slide one part of your PBTBH over the output pipe of your RAD 2400HD's Chi Generator® and carry the transfer disk on you. With this simple transfer arrangement, you can carry the energy of your Chi Generator® with you and you can enjoy its exciting effects any place in the universe! The large transfer allows you to charge water, food and supplements with this sex enhancing energy.

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Astro-Dynamic Manifestation Program

Feng-Shui Plus Manifestation Program

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