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Intelligent Warrior
Subliminal Message
Video Pack

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Instantly transform your life with the power of subliminal messages!

Eight videos on various topics to unlock your secret potential, simply watch any one of these videos for 5 minutes a day and you will surely see the results you desire from life!

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This product is free with every purchase of a PCHD 2400.
Super charge your videos with chi energy
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The power of the mind - UNLEASHED in an INSTANT!


It is a well known fact that subliminal advertising works, which is why it was banned from movie theatres and programmes broadcasted on TV years ago.

Imagine this, you're sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie, when suddenly without your knowledge- a picture of a hamburger with a famous fast-food restaurant's logo next to it is flashed before your eyes in a single frame of the film's reel and as fast as it appeared, it's gone again. You don't notice it was ever there because of how quickly the image was flashed infront of you but for some reason you seem a little peckish for a hamburger.

You may not have noticed the picture appear but your subconscious surely caught it. This same technique is not only limited to advertising food and can be used for other means.

These scientifically produced subliminal message videos can help you achieve your goals and realise your dreams with little effort at all. They display beautiful scenery and pictures of a specific topic and flash barely noticable words and phrases relating to the things you want- really quickly to imprint them into your brain giving you enhanced focus on your goals.

From as little as 5 minutes a day, you can be enjoying the benefits and start reaping the rewards of this newly harnessed power of the mind.

These revolutionary eight subliminal message videos cover a large spectrum of topics which are listed below:

Your Assured Success Awaits!

With the intelligent warrior video series you will be able to achieve anything you desire. All it takes is having clear goals to focus on when watching the videos and 5 minutes a day. You will feel more confident in your skills, be able to concentrate better and start to enjoy life a lot more. These videos can help you in many ways: with your love or social life, your work, your confidence, your sports, your fitness and exercise and most importantly your life.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to grasp your life and point it in the direction you've always dreamed of.


These videos should not pose any danger or risk to your health or well-being. However, if you or anyone else that wishes to view these videos suffer from epilepsy (and/or similar conditions) or are sensitive to flashing images and lights, it is generally advised that you should not peruse them. By purchasing and utilizing these videos, you agree that the distributor can not and will not be held responsible should any injury or mishap occur, whether it be through misuse or otherwise. Please view at your own discretion.

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