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Life Force makes it all Possible!

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This exciting test most certainly will be a surprise for you!

Before you are going to routinely make use of this amazing new technology to achieve secured success, you can perform this experiment. This will certainly provide you with the evidence that you wanted and show you that...

Life Force Bridges any Distance!

This experiment and its discussion of it will reveal to you ...

The Transfer Test

Most people will be surprised to feel something almost immediately: You feel either a slight tingling in your hand, a gentle cool breeze, or, as is the case with most people, an agreeable sensation of warmth in the center of your palm that can spread out from the palm ..and..

Yes!!! You have just felt life force, perhaps for the first time in your life!

As we have said above, life force is the subtle energy, or psychic power, that is used in all methods of action at a distance, such as spiritual-religious work and miracles, treasure mapping, self-motivation, shamanic practice or psychic work.

You can feel life force emanating from the printed transfer test (some people even feel it off the screen!), because an identical diagram is in front of one of the Welz Chi Generators® in our laboratories. That's extremely simple!!!

This experiment shows that you can use technology to harness and direct Life Force !!!

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