Lee Bennett,
UK Full Contact Champion
Distributor, for Welz Chi Generators®


Here you will find a collection of videos relating to the power and versatility of chi energy. You can see for yourself the possible effects and abilities through this life force energy technology.

Karl Hans Welz has a collection of videos on various topics relating to chi energy and his inventions. Some of these can be found here: chi energy videos.
You can find more from his video library by clicking here.

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UK Distributor and UK Full Contact Champion, Lee Bennett

Lee's Favourites / Misc.

Lee Bennett,
UK Distributor,
UK Full Contact Champion

Lee's Karate Club Story So Far

"All achieved with the help of the Chi Generator®."

as seen on bbc tv 'waterfall training 2008'

Pictures speak louder than words.

Lee, Karate Training #1

Lee displays a taster of his karate skills.
The power of chi energy is clearly visible.

Lee, Karate Training (#2)

Look at that precision and concentration. Flawless.

"Chi energy can do this for you too."

Lee's Favourites / Miscellaneous

Qigong Demo with John Chang

A mysterious healer uses the power of chi on his patients. Due to the ancient customs, he is sworn to secrecy and disallows filming of his abilities to anyone, until now. this incredible man is able to cause strange uncontrollable movements in his patients joints, he can send small electric shocks if you touch him and he even sets a newspaper on fire with the power of chi.

Qigong Master Projecting His Chi Energy

No matter how hard these people try, they can't seem to push or throw this master of chi

Japanese Qigong(kikou) Doctor Kanzawa

Doctor Kanzawa relaxes animals and puts them to sleep using Ki Projection

Quantum Healing with Dr. Lo

Dr. Lo, a quantum physicist, is working to prove the existence of qi through quantitative, scientific means. In this video, Dr. Lo speaks on such topics as 'Distance healing' and 'quantum fields'.

The Zen Mind

Zen power meditation, Japanese Ki mind over matter. Taken from the video's description: "This is real zen. It is a journey across Japan from the small zen centers of Tokyo to the enormous zen monasteries of remote mountains. It is a look inot the very private world of the zen mind - the mind searching for enlightenment. The superb Shakuhachi flute is by Christopher Yohmei."

Dr. Masaru Emoto and His Findings

Research From Dr. Masaru Emoto, says that human thoughts are directed at water before it is frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water. Since 1999 Emoto has published several volumes of a work titled Messages from Water, which contains photographs of water crystals next to essays and "words of intent".

Everything In The Universe is Energy

Taken from this video's description: "Everything in the universe is energy. This is the eternal law of the univers since the beginning of time. Everything is made of exactly the same thing, nothing is different, nothing is unique. Everything in the universe vibrates."

The Secret - Believe and Achieve

Taken from this videos description: "Use your creative imagination to see with your mind's eye what you really want, and hold on to that thought and make that your dominant thought as you go through life. Add to this thought the emotions associated with already having it. Allow your emotional guidance system to harmonize with it. Believe, and achieve."

Vortex Energy (a 20 part series)

Part 1 of a 20 part series of videos explaining the vortex, pyramid energy and the earth grid.

You can find the rest in this series by clicking here

Zen Power Meditation Videos

A delightful collection of videos you can play while you meditate.

the rest of the collection can be found by clicking here

Shoalin Monk Demonstration Focus & Chi Energy

This is a Shoalin Monk throwing a needle through a piece of glass.

The needle goes through the glass with the force of the Chi Energy of the monk. A balloon was attached to the glass to help capture image and the break.

It also shows how a balloon burst @ 100fps and it helps deflect the needle.

Hidden Qi & Qigong part 1

A number of demonstrations displaying how people practice and use Qigong to perform incredible stunts and stay healthy.

Hidden Qi & Qigong part 2

A number of demonstrations displaying how people practice and use Qigong to perform incredible stunts and stay healthy.

Hidden Qi & Qigong part 3

A number of demonstrations displaying how people practice and use Qigong to perform incredible stunts and stay healthy.

Perception - The reality beyond matter

What is "reality"? Is matter all that is real? Here is a short video that explores one way to look at this important question.

The Foundation Project

A Scientific Investigation into the Existence of Qi. A group of researchers discuss the results and experiments into phase one of distant healing research.


a beautiful slideshow of meditational hand postures.

Guided Meditation Video

This video is perfect for beginners to chi, it guides you through the process of meditating -step by step.

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