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Now You Can Get what You Want!

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Before you begin to use the Chi Generator® to help you achieve decisive positive permanent solutions, you can examine thoroughly your innermost desires and ask yourself a few key questions:

1. Do other people envy you? Or do you envy others?

2. Do other people want to be like you? Or do you wish you were living other peoples' lives?

3. Are others in awe of you? Do they puzzle at your meteoric rise to the top as much as they wonder about your success, accomplishments and amazingly good fortune? Or is it perhaps the other way around?

Here is a list of some of the good things that you probably want:

And much, much more

Now, most certainly you know that it is your Power that carries your decision, obeys your command. This Power is a manifestation of the life energy that you have available. Wise people in the Far East called this life energy, or power, Chi and they developed many techniques of self-improvement from this knowledge such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Modern Western terms for life force are orgone, animal magnetism, odic force, Solar ether, and others.

Understanding the Advantages

To understand the advantage that this Power, i.e., life energy, can give you, imagine the following: Bring a native in from a remote jungle to a city. The electricity will not work for him until he realizes that this button turns on that light and that switch turns on this radio. Naturally, for him the effects of electricity are "magic." His friends who never learned how to flip a switch have no access to this magic whatsoever.

As you know by now, Your Power is dependent on your available Life Energy. Using the technology to which we are introducing you here, you are able to have much more life energy available. Consequently, by now you are able to control it where and when you want to do so. Obviously, to have more life energy available means that you have more Power and consequently you have more control of your reality than others around you. This is the Power to control and to manifest your reality with overwhelming success!

Now.. imagine that you can project a large amount of continuous life energy to any one or more of the areas in your life or goals that you like to improve and strengthen. Naturally, with added life energy you significantly reduce the time and the effort it would normally take and, of course, you can have much more control over these areas.

You want to know by now how this all is possible. You find the answer when you think of people whom you know. Some of them are radiating energy wherever they are and it is obvious that they are successful in just about everything they initiate. Others toil, their noses to the grindstone, to get the bare necessities for life. The difference between these two extremes is in the energy levels of each person and in the ability to generate and use life energy. Usually generated subconsciously, life energy and the stamina coming with it can be decisive when it comes to achieving success.

Until now, the knowledge of how to generate life energy and how to consciously harness it for success was kept from the common people. Every shepherd's intent was to have as large a flock of sheep as possible.

Life Energy Technology - what it can do for you

By now you know that, with the use of the life energy technology (orgone technology), you can open the door to a new, successful and happy life!!! A bit of training and practice will be needed, of course. Naturally, within a relatively short time, within just a couple of weeks or less, you will and can be capable of achieving the success of which you perhaps never have dared to dream yet. And, in addition to that, you can experience positive effects such as physical stamina, energy management, and relaxation, right from the beginning. Life can be truly successful and enjoying as long as you seize the opportunities it offers. Now certainly is the time to start something that can be the greatest adventure in your successful life with the technology of orgone boosted techniques of manifestation !!!

The Chi Generator® comes by itself (the JU 99 CE, the Performer 2400, the PCHD 2400 and the LPOG series) or as a combination unit with a radionics device (the RAD series and the ATGS 3000). By itself, you can use it as a mind machine and as a power source for operations at a distance that include special attachments such as filters, Manifestation Programs, or your individual set-ups. Self-improvement, shamanic work, treasure mapping, techniques to achieve positive permanent change, and, more trasditionally, ceremonial magic, talismanic magic and rune magic are examples of such setups.

Among other things, the Chi Generators® are uniquely designed for:


With the new Chi Generator® and Power Radionics Device, you can have now a tool that gives you the cutting edge on your path to a happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life in abundanceand to gain a significant advantage in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sport achievements, relationships, and sex!

Therefore the Chi Generator® is certainly the most important technological advance in mind machine and life energy technology in the past 40 years and definitely the greatest yet for self-help, mind-control, and, of course, for powerful work to naturally improve your life and the life of others!

Positive Permanent Change !!!

The new Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator®) is the key component of this amazing new technology. It is the source of power in the success-equipment from HSCTI-BEC. You can use this equipment to help yourself achieve permanent desirable solutions in your most important situations.

This exciting new technology is now yours to use to gain a significant advantage over the things you want.

With this new life energy (orgone) technology, you can now take your destiny into the best possible hands, which are your own, of course. Now is the time when reaching your goals is closer than ever before! This is so, because life energy is the driving force, or source of power, of all paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, hypnosis, ESP, martial arts, and magical work. In fact, in the light of the new life energy technology (orgone technology that is based on orgone physics), something amazing happened: That which was regarded in the past as being "paranormal", even "miraculous", appears now as something entirely normal and scientific. All these phenomena are now easily to explain as parts of a technology that uses life energy.

It's Easy and it's Practical !!!

With the Chi Generator® or the Power Radionics Device, the practical harnessing of life energy for your overall success is extremely easy! It is the same process that happens when gifted human beings use their innate psychic powers or when they generate and harness life energy by other means. There is a difference, of course: With the new Chi Generator® technology, even an untrained person can get the same results now that otherwise only highly trained psychics, shamans, or other professionals can get. In fact, with your Chi Generator® you have now a decisive advantage over any person, who does not own and operate this technology. This is so,

1. because the Chi Generator® generates life energy continuously and

2. because the Chi Generator® has a much stronger output of life energy than most shamans, priests, magicians and other professionals can ever produce, even when working in groups.

In fact, the technology from HSCTI requires not more training than what it takes to drive a car!!!

In fact, it takes much less! When you decide to use the Chi Generator® to help you achieve a better life, you need no involved training, no creative visualization, no pep talks to yourself, no hypnosis, no self-programming techniques, and no motivational seminars.

In fact, all it takes to succeed is the capability to flip a switch and the willingness and open mind to utilize new technology when improving your life in every aspect!!!

In fact, acquiring the Chi Generator® /s is definitely the best investment by far that anyone can make in a lifetime as our Chi Generators® already produce spectacular results, as experienced by tens of thousands of users of the Chi Generators® worldwide!

The Universal Manual that you will receive with your Equipment has easy-to-follow, step by step instructions that will lead you from very simple applications to increasingly complex uses of this extraordinary equipment. Above all, ...

It's fun, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid back and relax while you await assured success!!!

With simple attachments to the Chi Generator® such as the various filter packs (the Alphabet of Desire, Sex Pack, Stress Zapper Sports Pack, and others) you can now harness life energy much easier for any purpose you desire. The Chi Generator® will then project this life energy-boosted trend to any target of your choosing and it will do so continuously. That's why the Chi Generator® is the ideal tool for you to increase your personal energy levels, personal power, prosperity, performance, and success !!!

The Chi Generator® when used properly, can be your powerful weapon that you can aim at any person of your choosing without them having the slightest idea of why they act in some specific way - which may be the way You Want It To Happen!!! Therefore the Chi Generator® can be your decisive tool to help you make all your dreams come true.

It is a power generator, a mind machine and a creator of favorable trends in one! Most importantly, it works at any distance!!!

Among the many uses of this exciting technology:

Your environment:

Above all - bring this extra magick into your life!

-2400 RADHD